Episode 8 - Wet your whistle (I mean drink mango lassi)

Just with food there are untried or unknown drinks from the Indian subcontinent, we look at some of the lesser well known or less selected options. Some of them are remedies for spicy food rather than your regular fizzy or alcoholic drinks.

The Mango Lassi recipe on this show can be found below.

This Episode was Written by Niz Nia and Produced By Sol Roujinsei.

Mango Lassi

The following should give you approximately two pint glasses of mango lassi. So you’ll need a blender, one mug, canned mango pulp or two fresh mangoes, your choice. You’ll also need plain yogurt, salt, and milk. Then if you want to you can add sugar and ice cubes.

  • Take the blender and add one mug of plain dahi or yogurt
  • Then add one mug of canned mango pulp
    • Or you can also make a mango puree, strained from fresh ripe mangos. (We used to use mango pulp in the takeaway but at home we use fresh mangos, I actually prefer the mango pulp)
  • Then add half a mug of milk
  • Then add a pinch of salt
  • If you want to, you can also add a table spoon of sugar or however much you want according to your taste
  • Then blend it all until it is a thick smooth consistency